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Small and very flat power supply for effect pedals with 4 isolated outlets. Being only 31mm high, it fits under the smallest Pedaltrain models PT-nano or PT-mini.

It offers 2 outputs of 9 and 2 others of 9V or 12V, all short-circuit protected, and a total output current of 700mA. If needed, all 4 isolated outlets will give you 9V DC in the default position of the settings switch.

Four threaded holes in the bottom of the power supply are positioned in a way to allow easy attaching of the unit to a pedal board, especially with Pedaltrain boards using the included guide.

The only thing you have to do is to drill holes in your pedal board. 120 or 230V mains voltage operations. With CIOKS unique mains link feature, Adam easily adds additional 4 isolated outlets to another link power supply. 5 Flex cables and 1 Split Flex included.

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