Cioks DC5 Link


Cioks Power Supplies – Professional Link Series

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Professional, small and very flat power supply with toroidal transformer and 5 isolated outlets each with a short circuit protection. It’s only 31mm high so it fits under the smallest Pedaltrain boards.

The first 2 outputs offer 9V or 12V with 100mA each, the 3rd one offers 9V or 18V with 100mA and the last 2 outputs offer 9V or 12V with 300mA each.

It operates in 120V or 230V and thanks to its link feature, it can be chained to any other Cioks power supply with Link feature.

It comes with 10 Flex cables: 3×1030, 2×1050, 1×2050, 1×4050, 1×5050, 1×6050, 1×1035.

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