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GFI’s Duophony is a dual parallel processing pedal with a few extra tricks up its sleeves—namely an LFO for modulating between the two different signal chains. Configurable to be either stereo in/out or mono, you get two channels of parallel signal chains with a touch panel crossfader in the middle. Manually dial in the perfect mix of the two channels or use the built-in LFO to modulate between the two. This is great for adding subtle movement and complex textures to your audio—best of all, the settings can be saved to presets, so you can easily switch between different speeds and waveshapes. Whether you want more control over your signal chain, need direct access to two different setups, or want to integrate multiple instruments experimentally, the Duophony from GFI is a fantastic utility.


2-channel parallel processing pedal
Multi-purpose touch interface
Preset saving
Built-in LFO for crossfading automatically
Can run in stereo or mono

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