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It is sonic awesomeness” based on the preamps of our Parabola and Météore pedals and expanding on those with multiple gain stages, gently tapered highs control, and buffered/true bypass. This pedal incorporates two different gain stages: a clean, full-response stage capable of up to +12db boost, and a tailored clipping stage that overdrives a mix of silicon and Russian germanium components for colorful light to medium drive. A simple but elegant high-cut control helps keep things pleasant, and an internal switch converts this pedal from true to buffered bypass to maintain signal flow through long cable runs or effect chains even when “off”. It makes small amps sound big and mild-mannered drives sound excited. It whips sloppy fuzzstortions into fighting shape and gives gauzy sterile echoverbs character. It is the signal sweetener you never knew you needed until you plug it in. Handmade in the USA, you simply aren’t going to find a better magic bullet for your sound than this.”

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