Miraj V2


Bleak District Electric – Multi-Wave Optical Vibe Shifter

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Transcend traditional limitations and lose yourself on a journey of psychedelic discovery.

Whether you swirl or throb, or self oscillate in a frantic to-ing and fro-ing of phase shift annihilation? The Miraj has you covered. At its heart, a four stage, optical phase shifter, the Miraj utilises an all analog signal path and a similar led/ldr mechanism as the fabled Univibe. This provides a wonderfully analog interface to the digitally controlled, tap tempo, multiple waveform LFO. Borrowing design elements from both the Univibe and Phase 90, the Miraj is able to shift between those well known tones whilst maintaining a sonic character all of its own.

Key Features:-

4 Stage optical phaser/univibe
Multiple waveform LFO with tap tempo
Full envelope control of rate or depth – Use the input signal to control the rate or depth of the LFO
Unique ‘manual’ mode – Gives you a range of interesting static phase tones or allows you to control the phase shifting completely by envelope or expression pedal.
Expression pedal control of rate or depth
Throb switch, for extra throb.
Phaser or vibrato modes like the classic univibe.

Long story short… you will find all those classic phase shifter tones in here as well as a load you never knew existed. The control of the LFO or phase shifting itself, with the envelope of the input signal, opens up some really interesting possibilities for anyone wishing to explore outside the standard univibe/phaser atmosphere.

True bypass switching

9v center negative power supply (not supplied)

Current draw – 20ma

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