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Keeley Electronics – Andy Timmons signature overdrive

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Every part of the Muse Driver has been optimized for tone and the demanding needs of a recording and touring artist such as Andy Timmons.

Simply adding the Muse Driver to your pedalboard will likely make your rig sound better.

This pro sounding overdrive can be switched between true-bypass and buffered bypass at any time.

– Classic blues driver circuit with decades of Keeley mod experience
Germanium based overdrive crafted with Andy Timmons direction

– AT/RK Tone Switch cuts lows for a clarity or boosts low-end for power

– AT/RK Drive Switch alternates between asymmetrical silicon to dual germanium diodes

– Buffered Bypass or True Bypass – Change instantly depending on your rig’s needs

– JFET Transistors, Germanium Diodes and Op-Amp Gain combine to form harmonically rich overdrive

– 9 to 18 Volt operation for huge dynamic range and headroom

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