Kernom – Augmented Analog Overdrive

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Kernom Ridge is an advanced overdrive based on analog morphing in which the threshold of the clipping stage is changed in real time.

Analog morphing core is the name of a new and unique patented approach to electronic clipping circuits developed by Kernom. It allows musicians to have access to a virtually infinite number of clipping options: symmetric, asymmetric, high headroom, very compressed, etc. In a single analog circuit, controlled by the unique mood knob. Completely different from approaches such as modeling and switches between different diodes.

The result is an extremely versatile and unique analog circuit. Use the mood knob to select from the ultimate clean boost to a fully compressed overdriven sound. Ever dreamed of a heavily distorted sound, that would still react to the dynamics of your playing Symmetric, asymmetric, high headroom, compressed … you decide!

Choose between ultimate transparency at any grit level with the three eq knobs at noon, or colour your sound using the powerful eq section. Change the way the pedal reacts to your guitar with the pre knob, how it interacts with your amp with the post knob, how you cut through or blend in the mix with the mid knob.

The pedal features an internal preset that can be used without the need to use an external device, accessible via the preset footswitch. Simply hold the preset footswitch for 2 seconds and save the current position of the knobs for later use. The pedal is entirely midi compatible. You can plug an external midi switcher to the ridge via mini jack to save and recall up to 128 different presets and cover all your overdrive needs.

You can also connect the ridge to a third party controller and change in real time its internal parameters to explore new ways to interact with overdrive.

Input Impedance: 1Meg Ohm (Guitar mode) / 32k Ohm (Line mode)Output Impedance: 100 Ohm

Bypass Switching: True Bypass (electromechanical relay switching)

Dimensions: 11.2 cm deep x 16.4 cm wide x 5.2 cm tall (4.4 inches deep x 6.5 inches wide x 2 inches tall).

Weight: 850 g (1,8 lbs)

MIDI Cable Requirements: Use a type A mini jack TRS MIDI cable.

Power Adaptor Requirements: Use an adaptor (not included) with the following rating: 9VDC center negative. (250mA minimum, 300mA or more recommended.)

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