The Ranch – Industrial Era (B-Stock)


Collision Devices – multi effect, delay, reverb, dynamic tremolo

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“The Ranch – Industrial era” is Collision Devices new take on the pedal “The Ranch”.

Find the Organic Drive, Dynamic Tremolo and Full Range Boost which made The Ranch sound in a new aluminium enclosure design.

They now decided to put the Dynamic Tremolo controls on the top of the enclosure. It is now easier to adjust the tremolo sensibility and depth according to your input level, your previous pedals and your guitar pickup.

Dynamic Tremolo circuit Is more sensitive to the attack.


Maximum current draw

70 mA

Imput Impedance

1 MOhm


120 x 100 x 56mm

The use of an isolated power supply is recommended for powering all Collision devices Pedals.

Power supply not included.

The pedal is true bypass


+9V DC (négative center)

Output Impedance

1 KOhm



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