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While it can do some extremely cool mild-to-medium crunch tones, Wave Cannon II is really capable of overwhelming your amp and it has a LOT of gain and volume on tap, as we’d been infuriated in the past by great sounding classic distortion pedals we’ve owned that didn’t go far enough with clean amps, or were quieter than unity gain or the bypass signal. The Focus setting scoops, flattens, or boosts the midrange frequencies. Rumble increases the amount of bass available in the circuit, and is especially useful at lower gain settings. Flipping this switch may cut your signal momentarily, this is perfectly normal. Hold down the Havoc switch for feedback and unpredictable noises! For Havoc to work, the Wave Cannon has to see the guitar as either the very first pedal in your chain, or prefaced by true-bypass, non-buffered effect pedals that are turned off. Results may vary.”

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