About us

At Fuzz n’ Buzz Guitars we focus on Music, Musicians and Tone. The Guitar is our passion. We are a long time music lovers, amateur musicians, and this family business is our commitment to sharing with other musicians the thrill we get from creating and experimenting with great, high-quality and unique gear. 

Fuzz n’ Buzz Guitars arises from our unconditional love and respect for music and the musicians who create it. Whether they are professionals or amateurs. Therefore, we seek to carefully curate and offer a portfolio of unique and incomparable quality products. Our goal? To help all musicians to find their Sound. The one that most excites us and that best identifies us.

In our online store you can find guitars, amps, effects pedals and accessories from great handmade and boutique brands. We operate from our homeland, Vila Nova de Gaia (Porto, Portugal). But guess what? We ship throughout the European Union.

How do we choose our brands?

All the brands we choose to work with meet specific criteria that are essential for us and that makes them distinctive and valuable. Fuzz n’ Buzz targets mostly small producers greatly focused on handmade and high-quality products.

In addition, we seek partners and companies similar to ours – small and family-based. These aspect are also important for us when choosing a supplier since we believe that great partnerships must be based on close relations, trust and transparency. 

Social and environmental concerns

At Fuzz n’ Buzz we strongly believe that we must all take our share of responsibility for making the world a more tolerant and sustainable place. This is why when choosing a supplier we take into consideration if their products can last for a lifetime, and can be repaired and maintained. Furthermore we are highly commited to raise our customers’ awareness of the importance of preserving and caring for their equipment. We do this by encouraging the use of quality products and assistance, as this can ensure that your gear does not have to be thrown away and can be refurbished and renewed. 

In addition to all this, we also try to use only recycled and recyclable products in our shipping. So, if you receive in your mailbox a package that looks used, don’t find it strange or sloppy. This is our humble way to help our planet and preserve it for future generations 🌍