Asheville Music Tools – ADG-1


Asheville Music Tools – ADG-1 – Analog Delay

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The ADG-1 is the latest installment in Hawker’s legacy of highly sought-after analog delay designs.

Utilizing a pair of Xvive™ high voltage BBDs, this delay features up to 700ms of harmonically rich, perfectly floating echoes with an extensive and fully analog control set unprecedented for a pedal of its size. F

rom a bright country slapback to washy dotted eight leads to psychedelic modulated odysseys, the ADG-1 is the new standard in compact analog delays.

Electrical Specifications:

100% Analog signal path

Switchable true bypass or JFET-buffered bypass with switchable trails

Power: 9VDC @ 1MΩ

Output impedance: 1KΩ Max

Max input level: +15dBu (4.3V RMS)

Max output level: +14dBu (3.9V RMS)

Maximum drive: >22dB (covers attenuation to gain)

Noise Reduction: 2:1 broadband with 12dB HF emphasis

Physical Specifications:

Genuine Hammond™ die-cast aluminum enclosure

Dimensions: D=4.90” (12.5 cm), W=3.70” (9.4 cm), H=2.25” (5.8 cm)

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