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JAM Pedals – Octafuzz

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Sonic Features:

A clear apparent octave across all pickup positions.

Retain your notes’ “body” all the way across your guitar’s register
When you clean it up using your guitar’s volume knob, get just the right amount of the ring-mod type effect while still being able to play most double stops and have the fundamental intervals pop out.

Overdrive-like definition of open power-chords without compromising tightness or girth.

Full range voicing option for a singing fuzz quality
Scooped-mids option for more industrial fuzz feel, suitable for tight riffing and an even more pronounced octave effect.

Symmetrical clipping option for tightness and definition
Asymmetrical clipping option for looser, more dynamic feel

*House Tip: don’t shy away from trying the gain and tone knobs at full throttle as this pedal’s strong attributes i.e. a strong octave and rich harmonics really shine at these settings.

Key Features:

NOS early 60s silicon transistors

Turret point-to-point construction
for uncompromised signal integrity.

Tropical fish capacitor

Level, Tone, Gain knobs

Symmetrical or asymmetrical clipping options

Full range or mid-scooped voicing options

Optional 9V battery operation

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