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The Memory Lane Jr. circuit reincarnated.

Diamond Pedals original Delay Pedal equipped dBBD delay line delivering up to 1200ms of lush, modulated repeats in a smaller footprint and with over double the delay time, extended frequency response, higher SNR, and at a fraction of the current draw. This innovative progression of the Memory Lane is defined by 3 distinct delay styles to offer modern or vintage sounds.

Via different combinations of taps and holds of the footswitches, the Memory Lane offers Gezzer mode for classic and simple operation, Trails mode, momentary or latching mode, and more.

Delay Effects Pedal.

– Bucked Brigade style circuit using 3 distinct delay lines.

– Up to 1200 ms delay time with lush modulated repeats.

3 delay styles:

– Modern: static sampling rate, muted tempo change and 50 – 1200 ms delay time.

– Warm: darkened repeats, variable sampling rate and 150 – 1200 ms delay time.

– Vintage: variable sampling rate, 65 – 550 ms delay time and automatically halved tap tempo divisions.

– Tap Tempo with Sub-divisions via dedicated footswitch.

– Auto Div feature automatically doubles/halves tapped in delay tempo.

– Doubler feature allows for instant doubling of the delay tempo.

– Advanced operation modes: Geezer Mode, Trails Mode, and Momentary/Latching operation.

– Hand-made in Montreal, Canada.

About Diamond Pedals

Originally founded by Michael Knappe in Canada in 2003, Diamond Pedals had a goal to create devices that improve the sound quality of the modern guitar player, while maintaining familiar product usability. Their now legendary Compressor and the game-changing Memory Lane, the world-first all analog tap-tempo delay, are beloved industry staples.

In 2020, right in the midst of the global pandemic, Diamond Pedals was sadly forced to shut down their operations. Seeking to assist their fellow Canadian brand, SolidGoldFX reached out to see if they could help and eventually ended up acquiring the Diamond Pedals brand and designs in 2021.

After two long years of endless research, development and tinkering with Diamond’s original circuits, the brand is re-launched with a first run of re-releases that faithfully re-creates their venerable circuits yet expands them with new features.

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