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The StroboStomp Mini was designed around the most requested features from customers: a mini form factor and top mounted jacks, along with all the features of the StroboStomp HD as well as a few new features like Power Up Mute State.

As with all Peterson tuners, StroboStomp Mini adheres to the brand’s 0.1 cents standard of tuning accuracy.

StroboStomp Mini is everything you need in a pedal tuner, shrunk down to less than half the size of StroboStomp HD.

• Mini Strobe pedal tuner

• User-Configurable High-Definition LCD Display with LED Colour Backlight

• Easily Visible in Direct Sunlight or Stage Lighting

• Real Strobe Tune with 0.1 Cent Accuracy

• Over 80 Sweetened and Guided Tunings

• 390Hz – 490Hz Concert A Reference

• Up to +5 to -6 Half-Tone Transposition

• Switchable Pop-less 100% True Bypass or Pure Buffered Output

• Tuning ‘Always-On’ Monitor Mode

• Mini Form Factor with Top Mounted Jacks

• Updateable Firmware

• Peterson Connect enabled

• Powered by opt 9 V PSU or 5 V USB-C

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