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Alexander Pedals – Forget Me Not – Echo & Reverb Unit


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Alexander Pedals Forget Me Not

Echo & Reverb

Forget-Me-Not is a lot of things. It can be an echo, or a reverb unit. It can sound gorgeous, or incredibly broken. It can make you remember, or cause you to forget everything.

Alexander based Forget-Me-Not on a rare piece of rack gear that simulated reverberation
by using a tapped delay line. This approach has really fallen out of favor in the modern era, replaced by more sophisticated algorithms using all-pass filters for lots of diffusion. Alexander find the old-school method applied here to be unique and charming, and we hope you agree.

Forget-Me-Not lives with one foot in the world of reverb, and the other squarely in the world of delay. It blurs a lot of lines, and can do either or both at once depending on how you use it. Regardless of the way you choose to apply this pedal, we hope that you’ll find it as enchanting and alluring as we do.


Forget-Me-Not features a fully tactile user interface, with no hidden settings or options.
Every parameter, every option, every setting has a dedicated hardware control, for a zero-compromise hands-on experience. Want to tweak something? Turn the knob or flip the switch. Want to save or recall all the settings? We’ve got presets for that!

 Sets delay time from 5-900ms

Sets delay repeat level

 Mixes between direct and delay

Controls delay tone filter

A B C D:
 Sets the volume level for each delay tap

Sets the speed of the modulation effect

Sets the intensity of the modulation effect

 Sets tap tempo subdivision 
Up: 8th, Mid: Dot 8th, Down: Quarter

 Sets spacing between delay heads
Up: Near, Mid: Fa,r Down: Equal

Sets the stereo width
Up: Wide, Mid: Narrow, Down: Mono

 Sets the echo fidelity
Up: Tras,h Mid: Grit, Down: Clean

 Sets the modulation wave
Up: Random, Mid: Square, Down: Sine

 Sets the bypass trails level
Up: Off, Mid: Forever, Down: Faded

 Tap twice to set delay time Hold to swell feedback.

 Tap to select preset 1-4 or Live Mode. Hold to save preset.

 Tap to turn effect on or off


Forget-Me-Not features all connections on the top side panel.
Input (TRS STEREO) – Switchable between mono and TRS stereo. In mono mode, input is taken from the jack tip. In stereo mode, the Left input is the tip and Right is the ring.

Output R – right-channel output.

Output L (TRS STEREO) – left-channel output. If Output R is not used, this jack also carries both output channels with Left as tip and Right as ring.

Power: Center-negative, 9V DC only. Forget-Me-Not requires 250mA minimum, isolated power required. Do not use a power supply with an output higher than 9V.

USB: Mini-B connection for USB MIDI and firmware updates.

MultiJack: Switchable between Expression, Tap Tempo Footswitch, and MIDI input.


How do you make quick changes on a pedal that has 10 knobs, six toggle switches, and literally millions of possible permutations? PRESETS.
Forget-Me-Not allows you to save up to 32 presets that contain the entire state of the pedal.

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