Collision Devices – multi effect, delay, reverb, dynamic tremolo

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Looking for an ambient and textures creation box?
As huge fans of cinematic and atmospheric soundtracks ambiences Collision Devices wanted to develop a pedal made for soundscapes creation.

Nocturnal It’s composed of a Shimmer Reverb, a Dynamic Tremolo and a Modulated Delay.
Each effect can be used together or separately and has its own momentary or trails function.
Completely built in France. From the enclosure to the circuit. Assembled by hand in Collision Devices workshop. Lifetime warranty.

+9V DC (négative center)

Output Impedance
10 KOhm


Maximum current draw
400 mA

Imput Impedance
1 MOhm

186 x 119 x 56mm

The use of an isolated power supply is recommended for powering all Collision devices Pedals.

Power supply not included.

The pedal is buffered bypass

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