Simplifier X


Simplifier X – Full Analog Amp and Cab Simulator

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The Simplifier X is an amplifier pedal with two pre-amplifiers based on a pure analog circuit, with an inspiring multi-mode stereo reverb, and full of a whole host of cab sims for you to choose from.

It is simple to use as there is no menu diving with the interactive host of control knobs. Just create your own ampless rig with one pedal, In full stereo sound.

Pure Analogue Tone – This pedal simply has the best Analogue tone, all in one pedal. This one pedal holds classics such as the JCM 800, VOX AC-15, ’59 Plexi and more!

True Stereo Amp in a Pedal – Just like running 2 amps in parallel, A/B-ing 2 cabinets, or creating your own stereo rig.
Built-In Stereo Reverb – A full stereo reverb, with mix, control for each channel independently.

Amplifier Modes – Toggle between having your amplifiers separated, or even run them together to create your own blended tones!
No Menu Diving – Change settings on the fly with full control, and no menus for ease of use.

Zero Latency – Expect zero latency for a luxurious response to your tone.


Heavy Duty Custom Made Anodized Aluminium Case in Sandblasting /Frosted Black Finish

Low Power Consumption: 200ma / 9v Center Negative

Compact Size: 12,5×10,5×6,5cm
Weight: 490g
True Stereo (Two Independent Inputs)
3 Different Useful Modes
No Extra Y Cables Needed
Dual FX Sends/Returns
THRU Jack for Dedicated DRY AMP Signal Path
¼ Outputs with Cabsim Bypass
Two XLR DI Outputs

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